Optical lenses

As a professional eyecare provider, the better vision of our patients has always been our number one concern. This is why we work only with world-renowned laboratories like Essilor, Nikon and Zeiss, in order to provide our customers with highest quality and cutting edge technology ophthalmic lenses. The comfort and durability of these lenses are accentuated by specific coatings such as anti-scratch, anti-reflection, and transitions.


With Nikon lenses, you can always count on superior optics and reliability as well as the latest in optical innovation. We’ve been building this reputation of unparalleled quality and durability for 100 years now. 

To commemorate Nikon’s 100-year anniversary, Nikon launched SeeMax Emblematic, the most advanced progressive lens available today.  This lens is the result of 100-years of consistent investment in research and development. SeeMax Emblematic is engineered using Cyclone Technology, Nikon’s cybernetic methodology, which encompasses all three generation Aberration FiltersTM and Viewfit Technology (custom parameters). Each lens is crafted to deliver the most outstanding optical performance and reduces visual stress to the lowest possible level, guaranteeing the most precise vision and promising an immediate and lasting comfort in any conditions.


Essilor introduces a new vision frontier –arm’s length vision- with its new premium progressive lens Varilux® X series.

Varilux® X series is powered by its breakthrough new Xtend™ technology which extends your near vision like never before with a sensation of volume and depth of vision, eliminating the need to move your head to see sharp.  This new type of lens can handle multiple near distances in a 40 – 70 cm arm’s length sphere allowing you to seamlessly capture every detail with high precision.  You will enjoy outstanding sharpness, continuous vision and fluidity from near to far. 


Your vision is unlike anyone else’s. Your prescription, the frames you choose, and even the way your eyewear is positioned on your face affect how well your progressive lenses perform for you.

That’s why ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 is unlike any other progressive lens. Most progressives are designed to meet the vision needs of many people. But your ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 lenses will be custom-designed to meet the vision needs of just one person: you.