Essilor wins a SILMO D'OR AWARD for its Varilux® X series

02 October

Essilor wins a SILMO D'OR AWARD for its Varilux® X series: A new range of progressive lenses that offer an excellent visual acuity, regardless of activity or distance, especially “within arm’s reach”. 

Varilux X series progressive lenses were developed to meet the needs of all presbyopes, especially those born between 1965 and 1980 (Generation X), who are very active in their personal and professional lives and who are avid users of digital tools. 

Thanks to the Xtend™ technology, a design innovation, Varilux X series lenses no longer require wearers to adjust their posture and lets them adapt easily. The combination of this technology with a new calculation system enables Essilor to design lenses with greater precision and thus meet the need to see clearly at multiple distances on the same axis of vision, especially “within arm’s reach”, where the majority of daily activities take place: consulting a smartphone, flipping through a magazine, working on a computer while interacting with family or colleagues, etc.