Consultation and prevention

Do you need an eye examination, advice on glasses, contact lenses or just an update on your eye health? Drop in to talk with us!

Teamed with qualified ophthalmologists and optometrists in Montreal, we screen for glaucoma, macular degeneration, detached retinas and cataracts.

Our team of optometrists: Dr Annie Truong,  Dr Christian Khoury, Dr Cindy Rizkallah,  Dr Cynthia Barriault,  Dr Emmanuelle Thibault-Fillion,  Dr Frank Monneret,  Dr Hélène Turgeon, Dr Jessy Hilal, Dr Peter Karwatsky, Dr Sara Lahoud, Dr Yves Duhaime

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Emergency service

We offer an one-hour emergency service.Our opticians and technicians will repair your frame in place, whether purchased at our store or at any other stores.

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Corporate plans

Do you want competitive prices on our new frames, lenses and other products? With corporate plans, Antoine Laoun Optician provides personalized service and access to the most exclusive frames at the best price.

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